TSA 800

    TSA 800
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    TSA 800

    We adapt our products to your requirements and tasks ! Every add-on unit sprays our release agent properly and economically into your baking tins.

    The unit is equipped with a metal casing which is either epoxy resin-coated or from stainless steel and in which the electric and pneumatic components are housed. Tins of several heights can be sprayed by an adjustable nozzle arm. The add on unit can be fitted to existing conveyor belt systems whereby no time-consuming and/or expensive assembly is to be carried out. In connection with the supporting foot the TSA 800 can be assembled with its own conveyor belt either as a freestanding unit or fitted to existing conveyor belt systems.

    The completely fitted unit is equipped with automatic adjustments for different baking tin dimensions. The filter system keeps the work area free from oil mist and by this ensures safety and cleanliness in your bakery.

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