TSA 440

    TSA 440
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    TSA 440

    The TSA 440 needs no compressor and can therefore be used quickly on site. You just need a socket! We can supply this unit at your request either for wall mounting or on a mobile plastic-coated trolley with three steerable castors.
    The trolley is suitable for taking up plastic containers of up to 15 litres and is equipped with a plug-in bracket to hold the hand spray gun. 

    The wall mounting bracket is ideal for stationary working. It is also plastic-coated and suitable for taking up the 15-litre disposable container and the spray gun.


    Technical Data


    Power supply:

    230 V / 50 Hz

    Power supply line:

    2 m

    Hose length:

    2 m

    Spraying capacity:

    approx. 350 g / min.

    Plastic container:

    contents 15 litres.

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