TSA 280

    TSA 280
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    TSA 280

    The small portable unit is very economic. In connection with our release agent TR 85 this spraying system ensures nearly mist-free spraying on your baking tins. The TR 85 release agent adheres excellently to vertical surfaces. You just need a socket to be able to spray the release agent whereever you wish from a 2.5-litre plastic bag with the spray unit on your baking tins and trays. This unit has a robust design and is easy to handle.

    The quick and clean replacement of the containers ensures a smooth production flow. The TSA 280 is the optimal “just in time” system to apply our release agent efficiently.


    Technical Data


    Nominal capacity:

    60 W

    Conveying capacity:

    260g / min

    Viscosity :

    <2600 mPas

    Dynamic pressure:

    0...160 bar

    Power supply:

    230 V / 50 Hz


    approx. 1,7 kg (without accessories)

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