TSA 200

    TSA 200
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    TSA 200

    This is a portable rolling unit and ensures very economical use. Within a few seconds the optimized air gun can be adapted without tools to your current requirements.
    Thanks to this, spray jet orientation (horizontal/vertical), sieve cleaning and seal change can be carried out locally without problems.The adjustable nozzle enables to a large extent mist-free spraying. The unit is equipped with a 19.5-litre pressure reservoir. Release agent residues are avoided.

    You work cleanly and efficiently up to the “last drop”. The reservoir is protected against inadmissible overpressure by a safety valve.


    Technical Data


    Dimensions (W x H x D):

    400 x 850 x 400 mm

    Max. adm. overpressure:

    6 bar

    Container capacity:

    approx. 19,5 l

    Max. filling capacity:

    15 l


    approx. 10 kg empty


    ≤ 150 mPas

    Compressed air supply:

    6 bar

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