TSA 38

    TSA 38
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    TSA 38

    Release agents and emulsions can be precisely dosed and uniformly sprayed on. The low-pressure metal gun is robust and hasa sophisticated technical design.
    All control systems are fitted on the mobile stainless steel pressure tank which contains the release agent.

    The TSA 38 ‘Egg’ unit has been especially designed for applying liquid eggs. A special nozzle head and the low pressure system ensure an even dispersion of the release agent on your tins and trays. The spray unit is equipped with a drain cock for easy and quick cleaning.


    Technical Data


    Compressed air supply:

    min. 2.5 bar, oil-free

    Spraying capacity:

    approx. 380 g / min

    Compressed air consumption:

    approx. 120 l / min

    Tank capacity:

    approx. 38 l


    approx. 30 kg empty

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