Sıcak Jöleler

      With our 100 ready-made jellies in ?BAG-in-BOX? packaging (BIB) for glazing, jellifying and pouring, you can start to work immediately.

      Any time-consuming mixing and boiling of the jelly is redundant when working with our jelly sprayers!

      Our quality jellies are available in apricot, rosso or neutral flavours. Our jellies are completely fruit acid and freeze stable, firm and particularly tender when you bite into them. 100 safe to use as they are ready-made. Let your pastries shine in new splendour!

      Advantages of the BIB jellies:
      ? Completely fruit acid stable
      ? Firm within seconds
      ? Appetising and lasting shine
      ? Your pastries and fruit tarts cakes stay fresh for longer
      ? Completely freeze stable
      ? Particularly tender when you bite into them. Apricot/rosso/neutral ready-made jelly
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